2200 Classen Boulevard
Norman, OK 73071

The Edge is for serious students.  Many students living at the Edge stay for graduate degrees.


Owner's Information

To download the by laws, please click here.  (Warning, this is a 198 page pdf file that is 10 megabytes in size.  It may be slow to download.)

Please note:  Signs are not allowed in windows or anywhere else.  Specifically, no "For Sale", "For Rent", "Roommate Wanted", or "For Lease" signs.  If you would like to advertise any of these options, it's free to post on this website.

Please ensure you and your tenants understand the rules and regulations.

Click here for the Cleveland County records for The Edge.

OG&E (Electricity) - (405) 272-9741
City of Norman (Water) - (405) 366-5320
Cox Communications (Cable & Internet) - (405) 600-8282
AT&T (Telephone) - (800) 288-2020

Trash service is provided by The Edge Homeowner's Association.

Recommended Contractors
These are successful contractors recommended by owners of the Edge.

Air Conditioning & Heating: Tyler at RMI Air Services, 1.405.321.0011

Plumbing: MDS Plumbing, 1.405.329.0139


Helpful Hints

When replacing toilets at The Edge, be careful watching the specifications of the new ones.  Most standard toilets need 12" clearance from the mounting bolts to the wall.  It appears the builder only gave us 10.5" on many units.  We found the following toilet from Home Depot fits just fine:  Item #132992111119 NIZA PRO COMBO WITHOUT TOILET SEAT - $74. 






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